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    227, Cardinal street, app. 1,
    Saint-Amable, Qc, J0L 1N0

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    Tel 450-649-7676
    Fax 450-649-7674

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    Mon 8h-12h & 14h-17h
    Tue-Sun Closed
    Wed-Thu-Fri 8h-12h & 14h-20h
    Sat 8h-12h

  • Training of a chiropractor

    A chiropractor must hold a 5-year undergraduate degree in which he has earned 245 credits and completed 18 months of university-supervised clinic practice before obtaining the right to enroll in examinations required by the Order of Chiropractors of Quebec. It is only after the success of these rigorous exams that the chiropractor can finally receive patients autonomously.

    The chiropractor then becomes a first contact health professional, holding all the necessary skills to diagnose your neuro-musculoskeletal condition and to apply a treatment, rehabilitation and prevention plan for the recovery and maintenance of your health. He/she also possesses the ability to prescribe therapeutic exercises, provide nutritional information and suggest changes in your lifestyle for your well-being. No medical reference is necessary to consult it, except in the cases of CSST and SAAQ.

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